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¡Don't advance a single euro! Future is uncertain and prices could go down (or up!), at Autos Royal all our bookings are with free cancellation and payment at pick up. If at pick up day you find in our office lower prices, we'll offer you the better deal automatically.
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Autos Royal - Car Hire in Ciutadella

Let us explain you why on your next holidays in Menorca you should book your rental car with Autos Royal

Imagine two individuals encounter at a car hire in Menorca:

-Mrs Ant is a far-sighted and orginized person, as such has booked he car and paid in advance, among other things to get the best price and to ensure availability.

-Mr Grasshopper hasn't booked in advance, maybe he didn't know if he would hire a car on his next vacation to Menorca or the exact number of days he would rent a car, he hasn't got a booking but happily has all his mony in his pocket.

Now, please imagine these different situations:

-Because a of a special "last minute" offer they have better (cheaper) car rental offers than the one booked by Ant, as is normal she will be furious but it's already paid... Grasshopper hasn't been far-sighted, hasn't paid in advance and has obtained the best price! Read bellow why this will not happen with Autos Royal.

-Grasshopper ends up paying more than Ant, it doesn't always happen but it should be the norm, longer you wait higher the prices. Make a reservation as soon as possible to avoid higher prices, cancellation is free!

-Grasshopper is left without a car, not booking in advance is a risk Ant doesn't take. Do not wait until the last minute, book now and ensure your car with Autos Royal!

-Things happen, plans change, both must cancel or postpone their holidays in Menorca, Ant doesn't know if they will refund her... All online bookings with Autos Royal are free cancellation and payment at pick up.

Cautionary tale: as the future is uncertain cautious people book with free cancellation and without having to pay in advance.

⚠ 10 very frustrating situations and how to avoid them:

After all day in Cala en Turqueta (a really nice beach), you return to the car park to find out that they have scratched the car (or borken a rearview mirror, car window, etc). If you haven't hired the car with a full insurance without excess you will have to pay. Autos Royal already includes it in all its prices.

Note: a full insurance with no excess could be not enough, if the car hire agency makes you pay with credit card or asks for a deposit, better read the General Terms and Conditions, there could be exceptions.

At Cavallería beach you step on a sea urchin, 🦶 you can't drive or you shouldn't, if with your car rental agreement you haven't included a second driver, no one else can dirve the car, any incident wouldn't be insured. At Autos Royal we know people step on sea urchins and other many things happen, we include for free a second driver.

To save some money you don't rent the babyseats or booster seats you need and police stops you (it could have been worse), or maybe you bring your with you but at the airport they make you check them in with your luggage and pay. At Autos Royal we don't want this do happen and they're for free!

The city of Ciutadella (just to say one of the eight Menorca towns) fines you beacuase of parking at Plaza del Borne without a parking ticket. Anyone can make a mistake, you'll have to pay the fine but you won't lose your time: we'll do it for you withour charging you management costs. Even better: we can tell you where to park for free!

You arrive to Ciutadella port or at Mahón airport, your going to pay and the car rental company tells you that they only accept credit cards (yes, although you're going for the full insurance with no excess - ¿if it's really without excess why are they requiring a cred card?). You lose the payment in account, you pay the rest because you didn't cancelled in advance and ypu take a taxi to your accommodation (we hope it near the airport). Autos Royal accepts cash and debit cards!

What bad luck, you just had a flat tyre: it wasn't your fault that in midle of the street there was a clove or a swarf, but punctures aren't normally covered by the full insurance and you'll ahve to pay (some companys will make you pay for a new branded tyre - now yoy know why they make you pay with a credit carda even if it's full insurance with no excess...). At Autos Royal we include flat tyres.

You return the vehicle with 5 litres less of fuel: you'll have to pay, many car rentals in Menorca will charge you more than current price, and also managment costs. Once again you learn why you had to pay with credit card or leave a deposit (although you picked the full insurance with no excess option). Autos Royal will just charge you the missing liters at current price.

Too late, you're ready to pay and the car rental office tells you that the main driver has to be the credit cardholder, if it isn't: probably you'll not be able to rent the car or you'll have to pay an extra cost. No surprises with us: who pays doesn't need to be the main driver, and if you have to do last minute modifications they're free.

Becaus of bad weather or "technical problems" Baleària's or Transmediterranea's ferryarrives late at the port of Ciudadela and the car hire office is already closed, if you haven't warned and your booking hasn't been cancelled, the rent a car company could charge you an extra cost for the wait and an off the clock charge! Autos Royal understands that it's not your fault: we'll worry that you find your car when you arrive and at no extra cost.

A very frustrating situation: booked your car with a third-party site (including full insurance) and then the car hire in Menorca tells you this insurance does not bind them, you'll have to pay them any damage you make or buy their insurance. Read the Terms and Conditions of each company (could easly be more than 10 pages!). Autos Royal doesn't work with thir-party sites and the contract terms take up less than a page!


Benefits of renting a car with us

Enjoy your holidays

Knowing that you will have no surprises at pick up or drop off.

🚗 Visit Menorca

Discover the most beautiful places recommended by our staff (Andrea, Chiara, Jesús and Verónica).

💸 Simplicity

Pay your rental fee at pick up: we accept cash, debit cards and credit cards (no American Express).

🤝 Free cancelation

Free cancelation up to 48 hours before.

💰Best Price Guaranteed

A part of offering you the most competitive prices in Ciutadella, if on pick up day we are offering a better deal we'll also automatically apply it to you.

📃 Clear conditions

In less than a page!

You can check them in the section "CONDITIONS & FAQ's"


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